Visit us at our new Studio Boutique at 583 Richards St. Right next door to our old boutique.

Visit us at our new Studio Boutique at 583 Richards St. Right next door to our old boutique.

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Fall 21 Inspiration: A Q&A with the designer Shelley Klassen

Fall 21 Inspiration: A Q&A with the designer Shelley Klassen

Q: What inspired this years fall collection?

A: A longing for nostalgia. The need to reach for something that brings you comfort, happiness and connection and at the same time is uplifting. This collection gives you the opportunity to express yourself in which ever way you desire.  


Q: Which item would you say is the most wearable outfit

A: The check leggings and chenille top.  It checks all the boxes: comfortable, on trend, cozy, chic, figure flattering, hides lumps and bumps. Wear it with heels, runners, boots. The versatility and wear-ability are endless.


Q: Which look would you say is a statement outfit?

A: The slip dress and raven crop jacket.  It screams f*@k COVID.  It’s fluid and sexy and sophisticated and takes you back to a time where one could sip martinis, revel in sultry music and debate semantics without a care in the world.

Q: What are the colour trends of the season?


Rich browns - evokes a timeless, luxurious feeling

Burnt orange – edgy and bold this season

Red - power statement

Yellow – optimism

Pink – uplifting


Q: What are the fabric trends of the season?


Plaids, checks – classic and comforting

Rich velvets - luxurious

Silky satins – fluid and decadent

Fun fur – luxury and comfort


Leopard – playful and main stream

Ribbed and cable knits - comfort dressing
Quilted fabrics - hand crafted

Q: What are the style trends of the season?

A: This year’s style trends are really a reflection on the state of the collective consciousness desire to connect, express, feel and live again.

Some notable trends are:

Eclectic 1970’s Idealism

The free spirit of the the 1970’s era is in full swing this fall.  A throw back to bell bottom and wide legged pants, ponchos, big collars, mini skirts with leggings, endless layering all come together in an eclectic mix allowing you to express yourself however way you feel. Rich colors, bold patterns, printed knits,  mini, midi, oversized , fitted, anything goes…

Analogue Nostalgia 

Refers to a longing for simpler times (pre tech days), a desire for physicality, touch, in person connection. In fashion this references clothing that is skillfully crafted and locally made. It is reflected in the use of quilted, embroidered and crochet textiles in the construction of garments.

1920’s meets 2020’s

A century ago the world was coming out of a pandemic and everyone just wanted to ‘live’ again. Here we are again.

People have a desire for clothing that is comforting, yet uplifting.  So there is a move towards decadent, luxurious fabrics like velvets, fun fur and fluid silhouettes like the slip dress.  Fringe, sparkle, sheer, metallic looks all have a place in this fall’s declaration.


Q: What is your Fall fashion Tip?

A: Embrace how you are feeling in the moment and use fashion to express yourself. Don’t be afraid to liberate yourself through your clothing.

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