Visit us at our new Studio Boutique at 583 Richards St. Right next door to our old boutique.

Visit us at our new Studio Boutique at 583 Richards St. Right next door to our old boutique.

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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

"The bigger the dream, the more important the team."

Pictured right to left: Crystal (Design Lead); Shelley Klassen (Founder & Designer); Alice (one of our best clients), Ranaa (Marketing Manager), Christina (Design & Retail Assistant) all wearing the Luna dress.

At Shelley Klassen, we strive towards the empowerment of women. Be it by making a dress fit a client exceptionally well or hiring female staff to ensure that we grow our brand and ensure overall growth for women.

We are a women-owned and women-run business. Shelley Klassen, the founder, and designer had the vision to open and run her label years ago, and she has done just that. She is passionate, ambitious, and a master of design. Shelley works hard to make sure she fulfills her dreams each day. The true magic happens when a client experiences the design studio with a smile on their face. Her impeccable designs and hands-on approach continuously keep clients coming back for more. It's in those moments that we all realize dreams do come true.

Crystal is Shelley's lead designer, she is sweet and cares for each client's needs, and mostly she is a master of pattern making, trend forecasting, designing, and sewing. She is Shelley's go-to girl who often gives valuable input into many different aspects of the business.

Christina is our design and retail assistant. She has a bubbly, fun-loving personality that clients adore, and she excellently assists Crystal and Shelley in the studio with design tasks. Last but not least, she has a strong eye for visual merchandising, which you will notice each time you walk into our boutique.

Ranaa, the newest member of the team, is our Marketing Manager. Social Media and Influencer Marketing are where her passion lies. She enjoys conversing with clients and finding new innovative ways to market the business. There is fun to be had filming videos and snapping pictures of the designers and clients as the day goes by.

Thanks to our dynamic team, we can empower women who shop at Shelley Klassen to be the best version of themselves.

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