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Visit us at our new Studio Boutique at 583 Richards St. Right next door to our old boutique.

Visit us at our new Studio Boutique at 583 Richards St. Right next door to our old boutique.

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Staying Sustainable

Our goal is to provide top quality garments in construction and design all while maintaining a high standard of sustainability to keep the planet green. We are always looking for new ways to improve and better our processes to have an even greater positive impact. Here are the ways we are striving for the planet:

Maintaining a low carbon footprint is always at the forefront. This means all supplies used in garment construction are sourced through local companies to reduce transportation emissions. All garments are designed in house and locally manufactured in Vancouver, BC.

Plastic usage is a rampant problem in the fashion industry. We are committed to reduce the use of plastic in all our packaging. All of our packaging is organic based, that includes: paper bags (made with 100% recycled paper and use water-based inks), tissue paper wrapping, cardboard hang tags, and even our fully composable shipping mailers.

Quality over quantity. It is a common saying for a reason. Here at Shelley Klassen everything is built to last. Nothing hurts the planet more then over-consumption. Investing in pieces that will last a lifetime and perhaps more is not only beneficial for you but also for the planet.

But what about fabric content? It's true it is hard to source beautiful fabrics that are sustainably made but we are working harder then ever to find more and more certified fabric to make sure the environment is protected in the creation of these textiles. The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide consistent, independent testing & certification system that tests for harmful substances used during all stages of production (raw materials, intermediate, and end product). We aim to source more and more certified fabric that is safe for our planet and your health.


Giving Back

Shelley Klassen works with My Sisters Closet, a consignment store located in Vancouver, whose sales proceeds support the Battered Women’s Support Services. We help collect and deliver donations and make donations of clothing from past collections. As an industry expert, Shelley is tasked with assessing the value of all new donations from companies to My Sister's Closet that require a charitable receipt.

Shelley supports local design schools by providing internships, guest speaking/mentoring and donating unused materials.