About the Label

The Shelley Klassen label is a designer movement that transcends generations and encapsulates the aura of being a modern and feminine woman. 

Fashion designer Shelley Klassen fell in love with fabric from an early age. 

‘Like a child distracted by bright shiny things, I am drawn to color. My best work comes truly from the heart and stems from what makes me happy, beautiful fabrics filled with texture and color. Fabric in all its variations can take on a life of its own and from this a creation is born. This is the essence of my designing.’ 

The result is an unapologetic celebration of femininity. It is unique designer clothing for women who are tired of mainstream fast fashion and value quality, sustainability and desire a fabulous functional wardrobe. 

All design patterns are hand crafted and perfected by the designer herself. Comfort, fit, wearability and longevity are key factors in each design. The Shelley Klassen label is inclusive and takes into consideration all body types when designing a collection.  Proudly keeping it local, all collections are manufactured in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

As a business run by women, the brand aim is to empower women with confidence and joy with each Shelley Klassen design. Purchasing a Klassen design is an investment in yourself.