Visit us at our new Studio Boutique at 583 Richards St. Right next door to our old boutique.

Visit us at our new Studio Boutique at 583 Richards St. Right next door to our old boutique.

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Struggling with your wardrobe due to excess Covid weight? You are not alone.

Over 42% of Canadians have reported weight gain during the pandemic.

5 Wardrobe tips to start feeling good about your body again.

With summer fast approaching and all the social events that come with it, adjusting to the new you can be disheartening. Here are some tips to manage your wardrobe and get you back to feeling good about yourself.

First and foremost, feeling good is a mindset.

The human body is is a miracle unto itself. Take a moment to honor your body and acknowledge all it does for you.

Now take some steps to shift your perspective on this beautiful body of yours.

Determine what aspects of your new curves you can embrace.

Hiding yourself in frumpy, oversized clothes is definitely not going to lift your spirits. Neither is stuffing yourself in ill fitting clothing from an outdated closet.

Instead choose styles that enhance your favorite attributes.

Has your barely B-cup size blossomed along with your belly? Choose a garment that is fitted in the bust and skimming over mid rift area.



Do you like your shoulders but not your arms?

Off the shoulder styles with sleeves in dresses and blouses are ideal for this and a perfect look for any outing or social event.

Is your bottom bigger than you remember?

Fit and flare outfits are your new best friend.

Nervous your new purchases will no longer fit after transitioning back to your pre covid weight?

Buy adjustable items like a classic wrap dress or skirt and....

As many of you know custom fitting is our expertise.

Your wardrobe happiness is our goal.

If you purchase a new Shelley Klassen design and find yourself transitioning back to your pre covid weight within a year of your purchase, we will refit your garment to your shape as a gift to you.

Embrace yourself, you are beautiful.

Find Multi Functional, Versatile Items that Suit Your Body

Shelley Klassen 4 Way Dress - Wear it front to back, inside and out.

Contact us for you wardrobe needs:

604 709 3485

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